Katanas facing the wrong way

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Region: US
Just wanted to ask as well as point out. Did you know The katanas are facing the wrong way? At this time we are fighting using the dull blunt side of the sword. Please look at a katana and how it’s used properly.

Could we have a picture of this? As far as I’ve seen they are correct with one exception, and that’s when they’re placed on a wall and you back up far enough, then the blades seem to flip upside down.

Yes. It also stays the wrong way when I swing the sword. Also I just made this account and it is telling me new users can’t upload images. Is there a way for me to email it to you?

Have you confirmed your email? You may also be able to upload it onto someplace like Imgur. I mean, I can give you my email, but I don’t think sending it to me personally would help any of the developers or others here.

In the mean time just took this shot:

Tail end of a swipe, seems to be facing the correct way. So it seems to me that if it’s facing the wrong way, it’s definitely a bug and not through intentional design as far as I can see.

It’s pictures and a video I took from my phone. That’s why it won’t let me upload it. But In your image yes the katana is the right way. But for me all of mine are the other way around.

Wonder if it’s the same thing that causes the blades to reverse when you mount it on a weapon display and move far enough away. Sounds like a rendering issue and performance related… hrm… Xbox one X or regular?

I am on a regular Xbox One. Other people in my game saw it backwards as well.

Hey there @Crazy8BitLove

Thanks for your feedback. You can send us the link privately via direct message or post the link with a few bits edited out and any of our staff can edit it so it displays correctly. It would help us to have a look at this issue :slight_smile:

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