Keep getting Game Tweak requires Restart

100% this. Also If you don’t go to main menu and reload when you get the message, 1/2 the time progress is lost and it doesn’t save.

Just for complete clarification i can play for about 10-15 mins then i get the game tweak message then about 5-10 min after the message it will crash on SP, i have tried Co-Op as well and same thing. It sends me back To the xbox dashboard/home and if i restart the game it never loads pass the intro. I have to force close then restart it. But if i see the message i just end my game and return to start screen i can jump back in for another 10-15 min. So I’m just quitting the game till a patch it’s completely unplayable for me

I was in singleplayer by myself, no other server info

I’ve hopped back into single player game and although I like the idea of Game Tweak relating to an Events Starting, It seems more likely it is just time in game, I start no where near any of the event locations, so I shouldn’t trigger them, and with 5 different game starts I seem to receive this Message within 15 min of game starting, even if just standing in place while I am making coffee.

Game crashes may, or may not depend on my checking BattlePass (high occurrence) or the speed number of times I interact with thralls or containers. Buggy buggy game. Beautiful when it isn’t crashing.


As requested before:

We await your reply.


I keep getting it too. Been playing on Xbox One Single Player mode, and the game hasn’t crashed after the message but it does crash randomly and unexpectedly throughout gameplay. It’s crashed about four times in the last 24 hours of gameplay, maybe five. It’s very frustrating. And I’m pretty sure some of my resources go missing randomly out of workbenches or containers.

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Tried to join Offical server #2727 game crashed on loading

On third attempt i got on the server (more to do with my internet not your server) played for 40min no game tweak error and no crash

However had really bad framerate drops(like 0) and game lock up alot when around mobs so i died alot

I think it is probably single player related. Even with the consistent crashes I tried an unofficial server and didn’t have many issues.

So whatever is going on isn’t being fixed for SP. It constantly crashing for me on many actions but will try an official server now.

Although that doesn’t explain why the client locks out in restart after at crash.

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@Havoclord69 thank you for trying. Now, if you go back to your Singleplayer game do you still receive the Game tweak message?

@LMN118 after you try it yourself, can you let us know the same?

Thank you in advance!

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I tried a random official PvE server and didn’t have the game tweak pop up or crash.

I then went back to SP and got both.

Problem is, with the crashes sometimes I get a good session without crashes and sometimes I get back to back chain crashes.

This is on new SP build, post 3.0 update.

Xbox Series X internal SSD (factory) set to energy saver. I’ve also tried full shutdowns without luck.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a DB issue, but unfortunately there are quite few current issues that will make finding out what is causing the crashes difficult.

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I have returned to Single Player on my PS4,
I have played several hours today following 3.0.2 patch the single player game no longer shows the message that was previously occurring in every playing session before this latest patch.

thank you @Mayra
game play is also much improved. (still some issues, but Game Tweak Restart is gone, and texture rendering are much improved, thank you Devs).

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