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Greetings, Exiles!

I’m a disabled gamer that’s been playing Conan: Exiles since very early access, and I enjoy so very many aspects of the game. However, after years of content updates, bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations, the situation with keybindings has not improved. Sometimes changes save. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you have to go dig around in the input.ini file to make it work…

This is a nightmare for accessibility and severely hampers my (and others’) ability to play the game.

As an example: For movement, it is exceptionally difficult for me to use Shift for sprinting. If it was something I could toggle, then maybe, but it’s not. So I’ve tried rebinding the sprint key to other buttons - however, I can’t save the mounted sprint to also be that button. I’ve also run into the issue that if I rebind a key previously in use (ex: R, which normally pulls up emotes) and change it to something else, and still give it an alternative key, R will toggle the emote wheel.

Also, auto-run, while great, can’t be used if you want to make a turn with the horse.

I considered submitting a bug report, but all the forum posts I’ve seen going back to 2018 just have community members explaining how to change the input.ini file - which I have, as well as trying mods for workarounds.

This is hardly accessible. Not every person wanting to play this game is going to have access to the forums and be able to dig around and find a lot of the tweaks necessary just to be able to play the game.

I truly love this game and the community - I cannot express that enough. It breaks my heart when I can’t play, or if friends try the game out and have similar issues.

I’m not asking for the game to change for just me, I’d just like to ask that the dev team take accessibility into account now and in the future.


While i understand very well your problem and request, i can imagine even if it would be resolved for CE, you could get similar issues with an other game to.

I saw it in the past also with different languages that keys may differ and cause problems for using them completely.
Did you think about using some software to help to reconfigure your keyboard, this in a independant way of the game you will play ? I would check on this side, there different softwares doing this job.

I’ll post you a link i got just trough google search very quick, and i didn’t try all these myself. Maybe take a look.

Good luck, and happy gaming to you !

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