Kicked to launche still

Game mode: *[ single player & private server
Type of issue: *[ same as before…render goes to heck and then gone
Server type: *[ pve
Region: [ Please enter your server region ]
Hardware: *[ xbox one

Bug Description:

*mountains & ground look like pudding, then kicked

Expected Behavior:

A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.

Steps to Reproduce:

*playing the game…or trying to

Hi @Whitequeen

Are you still unable to access the game? Are you experiencing this issues on our Official servers, private servers or in single player mode?
Also are you seeing this issue on Exiled lands map or Isle of Siptah map?

Thank you for responding…I can access game. Private server & single player and happens on siptah and exile lands. Was great for while but lately happening with more often. Cache cleard…great internet.

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