Killed by: Falling through the world

I’ve fallen through the world before, and had to remove my bracelet to recover. This is different. My wife died suddenly in the sinkhole for no reason, and on resurrecting at her bed was told “Killed by falling through the world”. She tried to summon her body using a summoning circle, and got a body with no equipment (it was rendered, but was not lootable).

Now I’ve just had the same thing happen to me, but I’m on the east side of N-6 in the jungle. My bed was close enough so I ran back over to get my loot, and it killed me the exact same way in the exact same spot. My body, before I died again, was also devoid of lootable equipment.


Just had it happen again, at the east side of M-6. Both times I was trying to go “under” other terrain - an underwater cave at N-6, and beneath an outcropping of rock on M-6. In this case at M-6, I was able to get fairly close to my corpse, but it didn’t bring up any gear or allow me to loot anything. This is two gear-wipes in less than an hour, in unpredictable and unexplainable ways. I’m really turned off of playing for now since I never know when I’ll just lose everything for no reason.


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