Krampusnacht 2020: December 15 - Jan 9


Behold a winter wonderland beginning December 15th through January 9th! Defend the world from the grasps of an icy invasion in groups and hourly public raids! Exclusive seasonal achievements, legends, and cosmetics abound. Happy Holidays!


For general information regarding the Krampusnacht event format, we suggest referring to the fine guide at TSWDB:


In addition to the event, we’ve got some items on sale:

Power Items 35% Off:

  • Ability Points
  • Skill Points
  • Imbuers
  • Catalysts and Catalyst Bundles
    (note: These items should go on sale at 2020-12-16T14:00:00Z)

Clothing 50% Off:

  • Hat: Party Hat
  • Hat: Tinfoil Hat
  • Hat: Trapper’s hat (all colors)
  • Face: Chrome lens ski goggles (all colors)
  • Head Accessory: Fuzzy earmuffs (all colors)
  • Neck: Large woollen scarf (all colors, lol scarves)
  • Back: Leather outdoor jacket (all colors)
  • Retro Windbreaker (all colors)
  • Chest: Tracksuit Windbreaker (all colors)
  • Chest: Checkered front cardigan (all colors, male characters only)
  • Chest: Turtleneck shirt (all colors, female characters only)
  • Feet: Animal slippers (all colors)
  • Clothing Set: Death Sledder
  • Clothing Set: MacReady’s Gear
  • Clothing Set: Venetian Tactical Armor

All items are on sale until the end of the event, or 2021-01-05T14:00:00Z

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Hats are now on sale, sorry! :adnyplz:

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Hi! We’ve figured out what we’re gonna do about the event breaking over the year change. Here’s what’s gonna happen:

• Everyone will receive 4 days of event rewards they would/should have gotten while things were down (from where they last left off), which you can now find in Delivered Items
• Everyone will also receive 4 Snowflakes. You have until the 18th to nab these
• We’re extending the event to the 9th


Convenience/Service items such as Ability Points, Skill Points, Imbuers, Catalysts, and such will be 35% off until Monday morning.

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