Lands of Exiles , 18+ PVE

Lands of Exiles is new Server for the players who wants to explore the game in PVE environment.we do welcome everyone to come and play with us.

Server name : Lands of Exiles
Player XP Multiplier x2
Crafting Speed Multiplier x5
Harvest Amount Multiplier x5
Thrall conversion multiplier x5
1: Pickup+
2: Emberlight 2.2.2
3: Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.2
4: Fashionist v3.2.0
5: Rift of Yog Placement Fix (Pickup+ addon)
6: Less Building Placement Restrictions
7: Savage Steel
8 :Better Thralls v1.9.5

Relax, Enjoy, Have Fun