Launching TODAY - Valley of Plenty


Valley of Plenty

After some long and hard consideration, we have decided to give our popular modded Exile Lands server a relaunch.

Our admin team have spent over 4 months customising this server with hundreds of unique quests and challenges.

With mods including AoC & EEWA along with 15 other very popular and stable mods, we have created a very unique Conan experience.

This server will operate with X2 XP and X2 Harvest

We will have a starter boost for all players over the weekend +Monday
X4 Exp and X4 Harvest and double the amount of Currency each NPC kill.

This server is a PvE-C server hosted in London, UK, with Roleplay features.

Launching at 1pm GMT TODAY (Fri 16th April)

Server Name: Valley of Plenty - AoC (PvE-C Modded UK Server)

Discord Community: (Game Port) (Query Port)

We welcome back any of our veteran players as well as any new players wishing to play in a relaxed, well maintained server.

Our admin team are friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to give guidance and help to everyone.

So if you fancy giving Conan another try, or just beginning your adventure, come and join us on this journey.

Mod List Used:

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Only 2 days left with double Exp and Harvest.
Join today to be the be at the top of the players!

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