Legendary Armor Repair Kits not able to make in tinkerbench?

Hi there,

Last night i purchased full game and all DLC’s and today im having an issue and i dont think its because of that…i havent had to make any since the patch so i dont know if its that time frame from patch or not… my clan member has the same issue and hes just using the game pass version… but when i put my temperwright into the tinker bench it no longer gives the button on top for making the legendary armor repair kits…

i can put my weapon thrall in there and it still pops up to make the legendary weapon repair kits… but the one for the armor kits is not showing up anymore

Hello there @Bossshawk!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!

In regards to the situation at hand, could you please provide me with further details? Which Xbox model are you currently playing on? If you’re playing on an official server, which server are you playing on?

I play on official servers on Xbox series x and have the same issue. a lot of people are talking about it on social media groups to so it most be a wide spread issue

Edit: since yesterdays patch it shows master repair kits in place of legendary

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I get the same issue with the Windows PC version as well.

Can confirm, legendary repair kits show up as Master instead even with correct T4 tgrall.

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Can confirm that a T4 temper weight does not let you make legendary armor patches only master ones. I have ternis burnbritches in my tinkers bench. I play on Xbox series X off the game pass. Play on Clan Chowder private server.

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