Lianeele and beli the breaker

Hi guys me again :upside_down_face: I was wondering if anyone can help me as most of you could have seen I’m fairly new to the game and I’ve been looking for lianeele and beli the breaker like for about a week or more now but they simply don’t want to spawn for me on they’re places you have any tips on how to get them ??? I caught one of beli before unfortunately I was fooled to trade it for an archer and a olena and after a couple of time that dude sacrificed my beli :sob::sob::sob:

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I hope this helps…


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To add to @Harperson i recommend ONLY kill the spawns they share with other thralls. For Lianeele, she’s pretty easy to narrow down, so only a few spawns need to be checked and “refreshed.” If you go through like a mad man killing everyone, you’ll lower your chances as the game won’t usually spawn too many named thralls at a time. It’s about rng, sure, but it’s also about controlling the rng spawns to (hopefully) get what you want. In the case of Beli, ONLY kill the taskmaster spawns. There’s a few spawns that can be anything though. I don’t recommend killing these spawns since that increases chances of spawning a different thrall, which you don’t want. Only kill the guaranteed tasksmasters… which, offhand, I believe is about 4 in sepermeru.

Well… no it doesnt matter; each spawn has an independent weight from the weightedspawntable, but there isnt anything to be gained by killing the irrelevant spawns (unless of course you are looking for something else too). If you just kill the relevant ones, you’ll do less wear and tear on your weapon, and if you loop thru all the relevant spawns, you’ll spend less time killing unnecessary things. But it doesnt matter how many things are respawning. Each manualspawnpoint respawns with independent probability.

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I can’t validate that, but this is just what I found was easier and more reliable. For example, in sepermeru, I rarely find more than like 2-4 named thralls. Killing everyone in the city didn’t always yield much success until I narrowed it down to only the spawn locations I was looking for. Regardless, it’s definitely less effort.

So your saying to me just to kill the entertainers for lianeele and taskmasters for beli instead of the ones sorrounding them ? Interesting I always kill everyone for the co plus I thought it was better

Thanks man I looked at the wikis before that’s how I know where they spawn but lit I spent per day about 2-3 hrs trying to spawn each of them and nothing until I got bored of that

Correct. No need to kill everyone. Lianeele only spawns in like three locations: skyfall ridge, the dancer at the top of the cliff by the nearby entrance, and the crafter nearby the cliff a little ways away from the dancer. The archer right next to that dancer is ALWAYS an archer. You may kill it just to take care of the crafter and dancer, but it’s not necessary.

Alternatively, get a purge and she has a good chance to spawn in that.

Edit: I didn’t mean skyfall ridge. :expressionless: I meant that little camp just below… stargazer’s crest

It’s something to try out today even though you know how rare is Luba the luscious I got her yesterday while looking for beli and or how good/bad she is ?

Luba is my favorite…


Really ? I thought lianeele was the best entertainer and for battle too :upside_down_face:

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Eh, not as rare as Lianeele imo… but it’s a matter of rng. If you’re blessed by the rng gods, you’ll find yourself in luck, if not… well… yeah. :expressionless: I’m feeling that with Syra Brennerhet right now. I had her prior to getting merged with my current server. Since then, for the past year, I haven’t even seen her once. It also doesn’t help that they killed two of her spawns with sorcerers. I feel as though Syra is the most reclusive.

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I got a special place in my heart for Luba, I even brought her over to my Siptah server. She’s outside my personal house/outpost on the north coast. However, Lianeele is definitely my favorite. She’s almost like a berserker with the dancer perks. :sunglasses:


Yup that’s what I heard so that means I’ll keep looking forward to find her I know the stargaze mount and the one with the archer but don’t really know what’s the third option where is at

If you follow the cliff along the edge from the dancer and archer, you’ll see another crafter on the cliff edge by himself. That crafter can be ANY crafter. This includes a dancer, including Lianeele. On a side note, if you buy a crafter from the khitan camps, you’ll notice Funcom defines a dancer as a crafter when you end up pulling Oyvind Talltree. This proves that dancers are also crafters.

They craft happiness. :wink:


Oyvind Talltree doesn’t. Only crafting from male dancers is hide, blood and bone after they’ve been slaughtered, skinned and pressed. :rofl:

It’s an unwritten law on my server. :joy:


I think Lianeele is definitely the better looking of all dancers. Almost like they made an effort with her.


But wait are you talking on the same hut where the archer and dancer is ?

Yes. Notice the crafter on the right, and the dancer and archer on the left.