Lifeblood Suggestions

  1. Revert the regen to the previous rate, but require people to have it equipped for 15 to 30 seconds without taking damage for the effect to kick in. (No more quick removing and reequipping to cheese in PVP.)


  1. Remove the healing all together and change its effect. Make it so that if you die with it equipped, the spear is destroyed and removed from your inventory, you are sent back to your spawn point like normal, but you don’t drop any of your loot when it happens. (In other words, the spear dies in your place.)

I still think (based off of the description) that it shouldn’t be a passive “hold to heal” at all… should be a vampiric weapon that gives you a heal when you damage an enemy. as for balance i’m unsure what the damage to heal ratio should be. (or if it even should be a ratio of the damage dealt… should it be a basic heal for X seconds?)


Health leach would be even more over powered than it was originally.

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it wouldn’t have to be a major health leach… just one to drag over a handful of HP over time… would more involve stopping a enemy from healing after being hit for several seconds (also wouldn’t stack like bleed… that would be OP)

15% lifesteal after calculated damage done to the target (armor reduction etc. included)

well finaly after 3 day of the same runing around topic about lifeblood spear we see a good suggestion !

this is nice, tho i’m unsure how it would be justified in the game diegesis.

this is nice aswell, and could even be more tweaked if the need were here.


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Probably the same way our characters coming back from death at all is justified.

The other nice thing that would come from the lifeblood spear dying for you suggestion is that you could start using them as home teleports. Just bring one with you, equip it, take off your bracelet, and chose to respawn at your bed.

Or leave a bedroll at your secondary base and a bed at your main base and use lifeblood spears to instantly travel between them as needed (assuming you had enough spears since they would disappear when used like this).

Mmh, whith this in mind i tend to like it less, too many utility for farm / raid, but maybe make it a resurect item instead ? Possibly with an aoe similar to the telith boss to avoid corpse camping ?

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"Mmh, whith this in mind i tend to like it less, too many utility for farm’

I don’t think it is too much. You have to farm until you get one to drop, then it is only good for a single farming run before you have to farm another one.

yeh i see the point, in that case i will say why not but won’t vote for^^

I like the idea of a vampiric effect. for those that have it, it may change the run and heal meta during PVP. Make it static. 20 HP over a 5 second span (4 per tick), stops if damage taken, for every strike you connect with on player or NPC. If you are at half health, and can hit your opponent that is full health a few times, you may be able to tip the battle. This would also push people who get the upper hand to possibly finish a combo to prevent the healing to negate the poke, poke,wait, poke, poke wait tactic.

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Here is a nifty idea.
Buff its regen a bit so it’s not pointless and put it’s effect on the breath of the red mother.
As it’s effect can’t be interrupted, players that want the benefit it gives could fight with a one hander and get that steady regen while continuing to fight.
Turn the lifeblood spear into the red mother’s toothpick and have it apply burning dot.

I too like the idea of it being a vampiric effect.

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