Lindgren Spirit?

Does anyone know if this item still drops? Auno comments say the spirits in Adonis might drop it, and one thread on old forums says the same thing. Both discussions were from over 10 years ago.

With over a week camping these spirits, I have a feeling I’m either at the wrong dynas or it doesnt drop any more. I’ve been camping the 4x Spirits in SW Adonis, 2x Spirits near the Gilthar Sanc Landing Spot, and the 4x Spirits at the ARK near the Dead Ends exit.

Any info would be extremely appreciated. I have a toon on hold until I know if I can actually loot this item.


I see some for sale on GMI in the billions. Sometimes I camp other bosses for an Item I can sell for an equivalent amount. Once I get one, I sell it and then buy the item I want from GMI. The dryads west of the spirits drop a few items worth a lot, but the drop rate can be bad as well.

I should have added that I’m on RK19. Thanks for your reply!