LOL just for fun, check this event report xD

I checked event report which I dont usually do and see my Freya has apparently destroyed a planter and an archer destroyed a glowing goo torch XD

Its a pve server so afaik only the Purge npcs can damage structures, and since it’s a Freya im sure its one of my 36 Freya’s that gone mad with the planter haha.

Or do you have another explanation? XD

Dang it, Freya! That’s why we can’t have nice things.

In the old days pre Log I had a dadgum crossbow dude who did that to me. Took me a week to figure out what kept killing my standing iron torch. I turned him into an antidote.

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This has happened to me before. If your thralls get stuck on objects, they’ll destroy it. Glowing goo torches are particularly vulnerable.

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my thralls have taken on a life of their own and started wandering around. it looks like they are lining up at the door to my torture room, apparently they want to get back on the wheel of pain

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Does she still have derp face?? lol I haven’t checked any of that yet, because I’ve pretty much taken a break since the khitan dlc.

I have reported this before, apparently the Devs didnt give it attention, but every RANGED NPC is damaging player structure, even your own! Even on PvE servers.

Regular enemies or owned thralls, it doesnt matter, if they lose the target and hit player made structure they will do damage. I didnt test if the 500 fix patch solved this bug, but apparently it didnt.

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