Lookin for clan members

How do u find new clan members

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hi , welcome here

Do you want to recruit members for your clan?
that’s it?
You can send a game request directly to your friends
Make announcements on your psn news feed, on forums like (here in this section for example) or on specialized sites. you are also Discord vhere you find many player.
The wheel of pain doesn’t work for players :rofl:
You can also pray to your god (s), you never know

Good Luck

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Can’t find any discord’s

It also helps to say what server you’re on and what type of server it is that you’re on like PVP or PVE. Some people like me won’t play on PVP servers. Also a word of advice when adding new clan members if it’s someone that you’ve just met be careful not to give them to much authority in the clan by promoting them as some people even in PVE servers will join a clan only to steal everything that they can if not the entire clan base if you promote them too high in clan rank. I’ve had this happen to me in the past and witnessed it happening to another player a couple of years ago while playing.