Looking for a fresh server after returning pvp/pve-c

Hello i am returning after a break my old server is gone so looking for a fresh new server where all start from scratch or have been going for some days or a week tops.

Is there any servers out there? Been trying to find manually but no luck so trying in here.

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Go Barbaric, New Server, Great Starter Kits, and only 2 must follow Rules, No Stealing & Contact Admin… PVE-C, try us…

Come join me on the server I jus started Fresh my self

Coming this friday “SAVAGE LANDS” [SYNDICATE] |Exiles & “SAGAVE LANDS” [MALESTORM] | Siptha.

Will be live -
so plenty of room on both to explore We have a Welcome center as well as a Starter Pack on both maps.
Hope to see you there…

My server just opened today. Look up watermelon Catfish on discord and see if its what you’re looking for. Its PvE-C and password required for log in. Id post a link but not allowed.

Private PS4 Server Name: MERKA-TA
(Isle of Siptah)


Try !THE WITCHER EXILED!-Ă—5-Permanent-CustomEvents

If you are looking to try a Roleplay server, you are welcome to join ours. We have 2 servers, one for each map. Both are listed as PVP but there are rules to follow, which protects against offline raiding. Wars have to be scheduled between the parties out of character. https://discord.gg/vmDKcCpvrA Search Realm of Belvan on conan to find the server.