Looking for a Laid Back/Casual PVE server

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a Casual PVE server, I have been playing single player or coop with my wife and have yet to jump into a server. I have been wanting to dip my toe into PVP as-well so a consent PVP Experience would be awesome.
I mostly run around exploring, crafting and building but am more then willing to experience the bosses and dungeons in the game as I have yet to do any of that sort of thing (Have been forced to restart game saves several times before I pass that thresh hold :laughing:).
thanks all have a good one :slight_smile:

I posted this recently… maybe its something you d like… ?

Hi i want to start a new server envisioned in my idea where pvp and pve is mixed well with RP…

However i do not know much about modding and programming server…is there someone that will want to help me with this? Or people that would like to join? I made a discord server its not ready… but i would like to know would my ideas be worth it and would i be able to run it?

Or is there a server whereas i can implement this idea of mine and execute it?

If interested or wanting to help please come and chat me…

If you are looking for a laid back server try An Unexpected Journey. It is a pve-c server. Their is no role play. So, exiles form their own path. The map is kept clean of abandon bases and offline raiding is prohibited.

What console are you on? If you’re on PC I have an empty modded server which no one plays on but its still open.

-Direct Connect: (The servers located in Washington D.C, USA)
-Xp rates are x2 but killing NPC’s is x10, so thats x20 total for killing monsters
-Server has 14 mods
-There are 6 classes to choose from, each provide stat boosts and new abilities
-Levels go up to 300 and you can prestige about 7 times

Feel free to try it out.

I just posted my servers post on this page, if your on ps4 its pve-c without building destruction

We have a server that offers PvP & PvE you’re welcome to join mostly older players here & weekend raiding.

PvE zone would be perfect for you!

Most active: evenings

Server: UK/EU

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZU5rPfWHyf