Looking for Alpha Tribes PvP PC US & EU

Good Morning!

Currently, I am looking for a few alpha tribes that are between 4-8 people! to join the Mortal Realms! We have an active Admin team that consists on 3d modellers, content creators, testers etc, we have admins that are from the US and EU so we always have a presence on the server.

With that being said we have several different world bosses, new sets of T5 armour to attain that requires teamwork and exploration to gain it. We have a lot of end game content for the clans to fight against.

We’re currently developing a new NPC city with a huge arena.

We have some diverse events and a recruitment program in place for the players to gain extra rewards!

One of the Events is the King of the Biome that is every Wednesday Evening. This is where we have different challenges for each biome that the players face in order to get to the chest first! the first player or clan that gets to the chest wins that Biome for that week. With that comes daily loot that is specific to that biome in abundance.

You can join us on our discord for more information here! https://discord.gg/ SdWTTQw I am always around if you have questions.