Looking for an AoC PvP NA server

Hello all,

Me and a few friends are looking for an AoC PvP NA server, we don’t want too many other mods after that.

Come Check us out! We fresh wipe tomorrow 3pm EST!!

Server Name: (Conquest And Glory) Wipe-10/11-SSD-10XHarvest-n-XP

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/M3GsHx9

Conquest & Glory server is happy to once again start a new season of conquests! If your clan is into PvP with an inclination to prove its metal against other clans, come join the fun and take your blade to your enemy’s gut! We will be wiping on Friday 10/11 at 3 pm EST and starting a daily land claim Saturday afternoon 10/12 at 1 pm EST. You will be able to make a claim on a first come first serve basis. No clan has an advantage it is completely open to all to join. No mergers are allowed through the season, so don’t bother trying to claim and give to friends as all battles will be weighed in merit based on the combat that ensues. We welcome all who can play within the spirit of the rules and not just to the letter. Play well with others and work things out to lower the load on admins. Rules lawyering is not permitted and dealt with quickly. Building limits are in place to help keep server load down and health high!

With harvest rates at X10 and XP at X10 and LVL 60 Glory tools craftable, once you have lvl 60, things will quickly move to bloodshed! Come join the wars!

Want to be an arms dealer or a merchant, you can do that from within your warring clan. You are still part of the wars. While RP is encouraged it is NOT required. The politics and banter will be enough RP for most!
Hope to see all you barbarians in the wars to come, I always need a new throat to slit!

does this have the age of calamitous mod?

If you are looking for a PC Server, see below. Fun community.

Dathomir PVP AOC/PiPPI
Direct Connect:

Newer Server so plenty of spots to grab.

4X Harvest

no one has logged into your server for 7 or more days lol

That’s odd. I’ve logged in several time this week as did many others. It’s a new server, are you confusing low population with no population? Were you looking at the PVE-C server or PvP? There are two…

We have several that login regularly, maybe the login display is wrong