Looking For Good Server PS4

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I’m looking for a server on PS4 with an established community behind it or to join a decent tribe. I don’t wana join another server where it feels like I’m basically just playing alone. PVP, PVE, whatever. I prefer no item drops and close to official combat. Some buffs to either player damage resistance and/or damage output is cool, but never lower than official for combat settings unless its very minute.

Playing Conan like its Dark Souls simply does not appeal to me.

PMs on PSN under the same ID would be better than replying here.

Please take a look at my thread :stuck_out_tongue: , we have a 67 people group chat , always a party going, and plenty of clans recruiting =]. and i think you will find witch ever clan you choose, space is plentiful, and the server has a brilliant fresh feel =], and people are always workign together.