Looking for new clan mates

As the title suggests looking for a few new clan mates mainly to help keep bases and maprooms from decaying. But I haven’t a clue on where I should head to to ask. All the people I used to play with have quit for one reason or another and kinda the only on left playing and it’s very boring playing solo when there are countless clans popping up and trying to act big. It’s very draining on resources and time. So any ideas on where I can head to ask if anyone one wants to join up?

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You could try Conan Exiles Bazaar for ps4. But watch your back some one could take all of your belongings.

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Well, there is a channel right here on the forums for just such an occasion:

Servers and Recruitment

Many people use it to recruit for servers, but some also use it to recruit for clans. You’ll probably have the best luck posting there.

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