Looking for players for PVPVE server WIPED 16/9

Looking for players for a relaxed PVPVE server.
Relaxed admins, plans for PVP events in an arena, and horse PVP in jousting arena (if ppl are up for it)
Friendly players. currently 4-6 regulars.


:information_source: STANDARD RULES :information_source:

  • Cheating and using bugs/exploits will be punished severely.
  • To report a player please open a ticket
  • Save zone at each obelisk
    :information_source: BUILD :information_source:
  • No GOD Bubbles.
  • No avatars
  • MAX. 1 mainbase + 1 thrall base + 1 scout base
  • Where not to build:
    :x:Foundation spam
    :x:Near Obelisks
    :x:Materials Spots (e.g. metal)
    :x:Loot chests and recipe NPCs
    :x:Main passages
    :information_source: RAID, PVP and ORP :information_source:
  • RAID Times:
    Mon - 20:00 - 22:00 cest
    Fri - 20:00 - 22:00 cest
  • After the RAID, the clan may not be raided again in the same week.
  • OPEN PVP 24/7h
  • Friendly Fire
    :x:- No use of LIGHTNING STORM or BAT in raid
    :x:- No mount PVP
    :x:- No PVP in Save Zones
    :x:- Camping in front of the dungeons is forbidden
    :information_source: CLANS :information_source:
  • Max clan size 3