Looking for players PS4

Hi guys, im assuming this is in the right place.

Im looking for some players to play with on ps4, drop a message if anyones interested

Hello Reezy,
You should join our server its the Rrikor Emporium Password ConanExciles, Its a PVP and PS4 only, we have a strong admin that stays active and we are always playing There are three of us thus far. We have some bases set up if you all wanna join our clan or if not then you can have your own clan. Purge is set at 6 which is the highest for a server. We maintain the server and maintenance. Hope to see you in there good hunting.

I play almost ever day and your welcome to come play on one of my server Into the deathlands and wasteland 2

Likewise, feel free to hop over to Banditos Badlands.

We’re a laid back PvP server and there are welcome kits of building materials for those new to the server. Plenty of prime real estate for the taking.

Server Into the Deathlands official opening will be this weekend anybody who joins before the. Will get a special gift. Very laid back and all newcomers are welcome