Looking for players to join a RP Server/clan PS4/5

Server Info

If anyone is interested in a good RP server with hosted events and a good community join Reaper’s Pledge (Siptah) or Reaper’s Purgatory (Exile). It’s a 40 slot server on both servers ,and a great and in-depth server for if you want to Role Play (that’s uses a DnD system). Message for more info.

Im also looking for More players to join my clan in the server. Im trying to start a kingdom under their requirements. I’m model I it off a Mixed Anglo-Saxon community so basically Northern Hyborian cultures.

Clan Bio

Skalegrath is a clan of the Exiled Lands started by Godric Godwyne (Of Nemidean descent). It is a melting pot of Northern Hyborian cultures and prides itself on actions rather than wealth. They seek to become strong and a dependable community for it’s people.

Add My discord for the link Killroy_was_Here#9210