Looking for pvp eu modded server with weekend only raids

just like in title

still looking for it

Hey we have a server, you could join, it´s not modded though:(
It´s weekend only raids.
x2 Exp, x3 harvest, no gods, no mods. Relaxed pvp server, with a few rules.
Join and have some fun.

Exiles Playground CW.

add fashionist, pickup+, kerozard’s paragon leveling and pippi and im 100% in

We dont have weekend raids but we have plenty of raid rules to make it fair and declarations.

New Lordore RP PvP

Come and join our new, but populated server. If you aren’t happy with the drag of Officials, are looking to dive into something different with helpful rules and active friendly admins, this is the place for you. Once players who felt Officials were too harsh and intense but still loved PvP, we decided to create our own server that is fun and extensive.

Please feel free to join our discord for more information including Kingdoms, Roleplay and mod info. Speak with our friendly community and get stuck in.

(please be aware that we have a whitelisting system in place to protect our players)