Looking for SERIOUS Nord RP players

I’m currently looking for a new RP partner as mine has to step down due to work and lack of playtime. I have an established Nord Clan in a freshly wiped server. I am also looking for more players to fill the slots of the clan. Going for a very REAL nord style clan.

Join the Discord/ server and as for Freya, let’s see if we click :black_heart:

Broken Realms (PvP/PvE/RP/18+)
What will you become, Exile? A warrior? A Vampire? Or maybe a Mystic? You choose! Our beloved server had gone down so a small group of friends made Broken Realms. We are a brand new server with an active, tight-nit, high fantasy community of players from all over the world. Feel free to come check out our Discord and join in on the RP adventures.
What we offer;
:one::eight::heavy_plus_sign: Adult 18+ only server
:+1: Friendly, helpful staff/players
:cd: Discord Community
:innocent: PvE
:crossed_swords: PvP (designated areas)
:partying_face: Roleplay
:house_with_garden: 3x Main Hubs
:100: Very lenient Build rules (Build to your hearts’ content)
:toolbox: Starter Kits
:large_blue_diamond: Level 60 player start.
:ok_hand: AoC, EWAA and 20+ other great mods!
:soap: Fresh Wipe 2021

Join our discord: https://discord.gg/MSvCYDf