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Hello there , me and 2 real life friends of mine started recently playing conan exiles age of war . like 3 weeks , currently playing on official 1100 but there is a guy Redqueen that i dont know its a hacker ? or an admin … we was about to raid somewhere and that guy just teleport to me killed with x123412312 speed with 1 hit , and totally destroyed us . when i asked what is he he said admin , when i asked why he do that he said u was about to raid someone i know … i dont really know whats happening since im new to the game. We are looking for any clan from any server maybe that would welcome us . We all grown ups with families and no time to fk around like stealing or anything … waiting for your messages :slight_smile:

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Since you are new to the game let me share a few thoughts with you.

You should consider what you want your focus of enjoyment to be in this game, as that will dicate which type of Server you play on.
PVE-C type No building Damage ever, with a small window of time for PvP action.
PVP type PvP action all the time, with window of time for Raiding- attacking and plundering other Player’s bases.
PVE No Building Damage, no window of time for PvP (you can however place a Battle Standard for limited PvP type encounters)
Official Servers are not proactively moderated, they do not have full time admins on them. If you have issues on these servers, you need to use the Help Desk This can be accessed via the provided link,or via the in-game menu.
You should also familiarize yourself with this- Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures - Conan Exiles - Funcom Forums as it is the primary guidance for players on Official Servers.
Private Servers are maintained and administered by Players. I do not have a lot of experience with Private Servers. Some have their own sets of rules you should familiarize yourself with. From your experience it sounds like you had an unpleasant experience with a Private Admin. This is something you should keep in mind when playing on a Private Server.

If you need help figuring things out in general about the game, this is a great resource - Official Conan Exiles Wiki (fandom.com)

I hope that you found some of this helpful.

Welcome to the Exiled Lands.
I hope you find a Server that meets your gaming needs.

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thanks for ur help mate . im familiar with gaming and how it works in general in diffrent games . but this occasion was really unmature non needed situation … if that was the admin of the server then my faith i nhumanity is gone little bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

@iTasos Hello, just to be sure, your friends and you played on a public server? .
If this is the case the person who has attacked you not an administrator, on the public servers, he nor has no admin except in the event of a complaint for violation of his TOS .
in this case the admin will move on the kept server and investigate the complaint (it lets the rules provided by Funcom).
If you were the victim of a cheater on a public server, contact support Funcom.

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Welcome to the Forum. You are on a official server. Who ever attacked you does not work for Funcom. Plenty of cheaters claim to. Would recommend staying out of pvp until you are familiar with the game. @iTasos