Looking to build new community ExilesTavern PVE-C PS4

New to the game or returning player?

I looking for players like me who have always wanted to get into this game with a community of other players, but the default settings on the official servers are way too painful.

I just purchased this server over the weekend (2/9/2019) and have setup a discord channel with the hopes of actually getting a solid community of players going to really enjoy this game to the its potential. 18+

Current Server Settings

Currently the server is PVE-C, 3X XP 5X Harvesting. With that said, I would totally be open to the community voting on the settings of the server to make the best overall experience. (Will post all of the server details into the discord channel).

Currently the server is set for 20 players. I will be more than happy to increase as needed be.

Ongoing Special Events

I was also thinking of planning out special event weekends and list them in the discord channel (double XP weekend, double harvesting, etc).

Going to also build a neutral area for meetups, trade etc. Will post the location to discord once its ready.

Rules to be enforced (Open for community to add more as seen fit)

1). Two Strike rule. Break any of the below rules once and you get a warning. Second time = permanent ban.

2). Be Respectful. No racism, homophobia, etc. We are all humans so let’s treat each other that way.

3). Please leave all real world politics/religious discussions out.

Anyone interested or just want more info let me know or hit us up on Discord - FrankCastle6287

Hi, I wasn’t able to find you on Discord. My friend and I are interested in your server. Could you send me the server name and password if there is one to my ps account: Shakenbake3778?

Thank you

Server name is Exiles Tavern
Discord is Frank Castle#6287
Discord just went up this morning so bare, but will have it all filled out by weeks end.

You guys are more than welcome aboard.

Thank you