Lost material 4000 stone

I had almost 4000 stone, put it in my improved furnace and pushed the play button and it all disappeared. That’s a lot of work and for it all to disappear.

4k stones is done in 10 minutes with improved starmetal pickel. But I understand your frustration.

I know a bug where sometimes furnace do the work instant. In that case sometimes the bricks are not visible and you have scrolldown in the inventory of the furnace. Also that is sometimes bugged and you need to leave the furnace and enter it again or the better solution just use the sort function at the top of the furnace inventory menu and sort them by weight.

Maybe that’s what is happening.

But there could be also more possible scenarios.
Are you playing on pvp server? Somebody could just steal it from you…
Are you playing singleplayer? Then there is a bug where your game is not saving correctly. That’s a issue that is happening for a very long time now. That would be not the only problem because your whole progress is resetting and sometimes you lose also your knowledge and also sometimes your character resets so you are not the owner of your own buildings anymore.
Then your only option is to set the ignore ownership option in the settings menu. Also you can just spawn everything you lost so you don’t wast your time to get it back.

This issue is known for an year now and no fix to this time so I don’t think it has a high priority for funcom and don’t will be fixed soon.

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