Lost my progress

I logged in to single player today and 2 of my fully levelled thralls and 1 new thrall plus my greater shaleback have dissappeared.
My furnace and thrall in it have gone.
My box of potions is empty and my last run from the night before i went and collected black ice and star metal that has gone too… im only playing single player but it feels like someone raided my base and only took random stuff can anyone hrlp with this ? Ive only been playing for a month roughly and all my journey steps have been reset

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@CoMp when you logout are you updating your spawn point bed or bedroll ? Not sure what format you are playing on but that should help promote a save. In my opinion since you lost your followers due to a glitch it would not be cheating to replace them using admin
Many others feel the same. Funcom is aware of the issue. Best of luck to you EXILE Bye the way Welcome to the Forum

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