Make an Arena style game mode!

With the celebration of the new modding system, I had an idea. I think a separate custom game mode where you can create your own levels that are either a timed or even endless run of your custom songs would be amazing. Sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle to go in and edit your songs to make them loop, but with this game mode, you can simply load up your song, play it through once, and that’s it. For example, I would create a level that lasts for 3 min and 30 sec since that’s how long my songs lasts, and the level ends when the song ends. Alternatively, if you wanted your song to loop, you can also set an endless mode and you keep going until you die, with enemies slowly becoming stronger and tankier as time goes on. For this, it would make the most sense that you choose from any of the maps from the torments since they are already an arena style map anyways.
I think this would be easy to implement; basically just make a custom level editor game mode, choose which map you want (from the torments), drop in your song (if you want it to loop then you can select the endless option), and play it out. Just an idea! Thank you for your time!

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