Maximum Health of Extradimensional Defenders

Back in closed beta, we encountered a problem with Invoke Self where the damage of Whisper of Darkness was so great, the Extradimensional Defenders would be unable to mitigate incoming damage in an effective way compared to Pain Suppression and Reinforced Shells. The solution implemented was to slow the frequency of attacks from the Lurker and dramatically increase the maximum health of the Defenders. Further testing brought down the Defenders’ maximum health to 30%, but testing I’ve done yesterday in the Elite 17 New York raid and feedback from a tank having tested the Ankh leads me to believe Invoke Self should be scaled back once again.

I observed during our tests yesterday that, with Displacement and Long Term Chaos equipped, two of the three defenders could survive incoming damage from the Lurker, Titans, and Flappies before their ten-second duration expired. This carries with it ramifications for mitigating Dreaming Shroud. It’s conceivable that Invoke Self, Displacement, and Long Term Chaos could absorb a vast majority of Dreaming Shroud damage, making it a trivial affair to heal, if any healing would be necessary at all.

I propose reducing the base maximum health bonus of the Defenders to a point where three Defenders would be necessary to survive ten seconds of Whisper of Darkness, beginning at around 27 stacks, the point where I often needed to use it after engaging the Lurker with Immutable and Twist Fate. A Chaos Magic tank can achieve maximum health of 70,977, giving the three Defenders a total of 63,879 health. Perhaps a baseline of around 15% of the tank’s maximum health would be sufficient for achieving its purpose in the raid without proving too strong everywhere else.

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