MEGAversary Radio shows: 29th June - 14th July

Hey from the folks at the MEGAversary!

For the MEGAversary we have organized some of the finest, the best, the brightest and the buzziest radio stations we could for YOUR entertainment throughout the anniversary in Secret World Legends!

Please have a look at the posts below (as they come in) for a list of the stations and tune your antennae in for music that is out of the age!

Whatever your taste in Gaia’s Greatness, we’ll probably have the hive tunes for YOU :smiley:

Links to the Radio Stations so far -

Club Catharsis Discord is -

Thank you all again for your dedication to SWL and for making this such a great event.

Best Respects



Radio Euphoria is hosting the following events for MEGAversary. We will be playing and hosting meet ups during these times/days. Our DJs will not be able to be on location but REManager and a few others will and it will be a grand ol’ time.

Music can be heard at radio-euphoria. com
During all live shows as well as these events we will take music requests from you!
Music Request On Discord add Manager#1563

Event Schedule
6/30/18: 9:30PM - 12:30AM EST DJ Stett
7/1/18: 9:30PM - 12:30AM EST DJ Tay
7/6/18: 9:30PM - 12:30AM EST DJ Exsyy
7/7/18: 9:30PM - 12:30AM EST DJ Stett


Wandering Angel Radio will be doing a Double DJ Show July 8, 2018, starting at 9pm EDT.

DJ-DanyAngel at 9pm EDT and immediately following him, DJ NightBanshee

Axel’s Firepit in Agartha for both shows.


What is up, Secret World!!

Club Catharsis is both proud and excited to host the opening parties for the MEGAversery!! We have two shows lined up, on the 29th. One for our EU friends across the pond, hosted by our own DJ Guildman, live from the Albion Ballroom in London. That show starts at 2pm EDT (7pm BST) and goes until 4pm EDT (9pm BST)

Then, later on that evening, we have a special Double Trouble show, with both DJ Asha and DJ Deathshadow chomping at the bit to bring the noise. Show starts at 8pm, also in the Albion Ballroom, and goes till they kick us out. We cannot wait to party with ya’ll. Come on out, and find your release, with Club Catharsis!!



Cheers :heart:


Happy Tentacle Radio will be having our own 5 year anniversary event coinciding with the Megaversary on June 30th starting at 2 PM ET outside of the Horned God and going 'til the wee hours. Multiple DJs, including Atavez, Sayeh, Nicksa, Varic, Drina, Chemic, AND MORE! Street party vibe.



We’ll soon be publishing the schedule for the MEGAversary! You will then be able to add your show to an available time slot and rock this paaarty around the clock!

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