Missing SFX player and NPC on combat

Game mode: [offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

I understand that you are aware of the sound effects (grunts, hyah’s and taunts) that are missing from player and NPC’s during combat. Which is also affecting the Xbox One version by the way. And you have said it will be fixed during next patch. My question is; When is said patch coming out? It seems to me that everytime you guys release an update you mess up something else. I don’t want to have to start a new character like I had to do before because of your physics bug. This is one of my favorite games and you guys are ruining the experience with your game breaking updates. Now I have to sit and wait for you guys to patch what was working fine until you sent that update.

Hello @GuardianJW, welcome to the community!

We understand your frustration but we don’t have a date to share regarding the next patch just yet and, as it has been mentioned in other similar threads, this issue is still being looked into.

You’re right brother. Its a shame. I’ve poured hours into building a base on the side of a mountain. I’m gonna uninstall the game and play it as it was before the updates. I’ll deny any updates from then on.

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