Misterious armor values

Hello Gentlemens, yesterday we loot a piece of armor from an enemy thrall with increased values in all categories, as we show in the picture for comparison, the one we crafted is with T4 shield armorer and the one we loot is even better, anyone knows how can it be possible?

h ttps://i.ibb.co/1vwqV7D/Armadura-Misterio.png


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I believe this a “legacy” chest piece that was crafted by a purge armorer before they updated the game to allow other armorers to craft them. You will not be able to get those values now, so look after it!

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P.s. I will add your link below;


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Since the last update, the armor value is linked to the attributes of the craftsman.
You have 3 specifications concerning the armored

  • Shieldwright provides the best armor (shield icon)

  • Scoutwright provides the best reduction of the weight ( dumbbel icon)

  • Temperwright provides the best durability ( hammer icon)

don’t forget that the value of armor and also related to the characteristic of your thralls

exmple for the same armor piece

i hope that this will help you


Thank you both for the replys, I think you are right LordKAA, I thought that the changes in armor values where retroactive but what you have said is the only logical explanation I can imagine. Thanks again for posting the image too. :grin:

Good luck!


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