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Why it’s impossible to port some mods on Xbox? Microsoft is an open system unlike PlayStation, so much so that Bethesda has managed to bring many more mods to xbox and Microsoft’s own philosophy is more mod-friendly. Why then after all these years it still hasn’t happened?

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Bethesda runs their own in-built mod browser and manager. All mods have to go through certifications and proper review to make it to console. That would be a massive undertaking for funcom to do, especially as a significally smaller studio

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Bethesda was able to sell the Skyrim community mod by PlayStation and Microsoft. The two manufacturers we had everything to gain in cooperer with Bethesda because the number of players present on Skyrin is infinitely more important than that of all the games of Funcom Reunis.
When there is money to earn the manufacturers (PS & MS) quickly ignore their policy.

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I really don’t think this is just a console issue, but rather a conscious decision on Funcoms part… just trying to avoid opening that pandora’s box.
They’re getting enough fake bug reports as it is that are attributed to mods on the PC platform… however on consoles they can barely fit their game into them pretty much… even the newer consoles are having performance issues.
Imagine adding severely unoptimized mods to the mix… and you’d get 10 times the complaints they’re getting now (which is already quite a lot)


Real Gamer’s don’t need Mods,that is why Real Gamer’s play on consoles.
(just in case,this is a parody of the idiocy of some PC folk) :grin:

How do you know they are fake bugs reports? Just because you don’t have an issue doesn’t mean the bugs are fake . Bugs do not hit everyone . I never could mod conan they always gave me issues . That doesn’t mean my issues are fake because you don’t have issues . Tbh the servers on conan console stinks . They would be worse with mods . Also it’s stupid to be firced to get a mod to play on a server .

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I think you misunderstood?
I meant “fake bug reports” in a sense that they are caused by a faulty mod / combination of mods people shouldn’t be using / outdated mod… etc… basically an error on the users end for using something that breaks their game and then they think that the issue is with the game itself, when it’s the mod.
As for how I know… I spent the last year working with the game’s source code several hours a day getting information for people, making mods myself and helping people track down actual game issues.

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