More No Ping Servers?



As far as I can see there are 3 official No Ping servers.

I was actually quite shocked to see this.

I have guildies from multiple countries that just cannot play together on official servers.

Any chance we may see some more No Ping servers? Honestly with how popular they are we need at least 20 more.


Any chance we may actually see this?


3 servers out of thousands is quite laughable.


Agreed. There are many players who do not have perfect internet though can play many other games but are unable to play this one.


i would like to see OCE No ping servers


I agree 100%. It’s kind of ridiculous.


I’m in AU and its complete bs … i can not play with the rest of my guild because they are in the US and we all play on the same time zone.

Yes there is lag so game play from time to time can be a little derpy but as a whole should not be stopping me from being able to play with them.

I can already hear ppl saying “well create your own server” … and then we are limited to just playing with the guild no one else really seems to join “non official servers” its great to be able to play/war againt other ppl.


Officials are still the gauge to many players of any game.


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