Mounts vanish after update

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Mounts Vanish
Server type: PVP
Region: Oceana

Seriously, over four hours to tame a horse, you place it in a stable (which I paid 15 bucks for) and it vanishes immediately.

Please address ASAP!

There isn’t a lot of information to go off of here. Could you clarify what you mean by stables? The stable in which you tame it isn’t part of the DLC, do you mean something that you designed? What does your event log say?

Nothing in event log. The horse came back when I logged back in but now I’m floating in mid air like I’m mounted when I’m not.

When I put the horse inside a building, close the door, as soon as I open it the horse is gone. I log out and back in and it’s reappeared somewhere else near my base, but not where I left it.

The base where I store the horse is on top of another base (roof), could be the issue. I bought the DLC hoping that might help but hasn’t made any difference.

Now the problem is I can’t get off the horse, or whatever it is I’m riding mid air. I have a picture but can’t upload as new user.

I will try building on ground level once I’ve died and respawned. My last horse I left outside base and when logged back in was gone, nothing in event log. Never found the horse again. Now I’m taming multiple horses to work around that bug, as it takes nearly 6 hours to tame a horse.

This was a seperate issue I had today which I’ve posted as well:
forum URL /mounts-broken-stuck-floating-in-mid-air-waiting-to-die/96825

Update: Built on land, not roof and seems to be ok. Must be issue with having horses on roofs.
I can no longer mount the horse on the roof, only interact, looks like its no longer mine. But I’ve got two other horses and know not to do that again.

Logged out, came back 10 minutes later and now a second horse has vanished. It was in my stable/horse house. It had expensive armor and now it’s gone. Really buggy. So now I have another missing horse in two days, a horse I can’t ride and will probably lose this one too when I log in again…sigh

Hey @RagingTeaPot

Could you try to upload a picture or video of the issue reported now?
Your forum rights should allow it now.

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