Multiple profile world conflict

Game mode: [ Single-player ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type : [ PvE ]
Region: [ UK ]
Hardware: [ Xbox One S ]

Bug Desription:

My wife created a single player world using her xbox profile and built a basic structure. I created a single player world later and discovered her structure in my world with her body sleeping inside. I played for a while and built a structure but when the wife played she was unable to see my structures. She continued playing and built a huge structure (with admin mode), When I played her changes hadn’t updated, her origonal structure was unchanged and her character remained, (I did activate admin mode during this session). I assumed when I created my world the game made a duplicate copy of her world like a split timeline. When the wife played again, her world completely reset to the state in my world, with all the changes I made in my world, losing everything she built… and relocating me to the couch for the evening.

Expected Behavior:

Two separate worlds independant from each other.

Steps to Reproduce:

Create a world with one xbox profile.
Make changes to the world with the first profile.
Create a world with a second profile.
View the changes from the first profile, in the second profiles world.
Make changes to the second profile’s world.
Enter world using first profile.
Observe world is unchanged from second profile’s changes.
Activate ‘admin mode’ and make changes to the world.
Enter world using Second profile.
Activate ‘admin mode’ and make changes to the world.
Enter world using first profile.
First profiles world state has reset to the second profiles world state.

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I’m assuming that both profiles are on the same xbox? Sounds like you’ve signed into your profile without your wife signing out first, hence the merged world.

After testing a number of times wiping save data, I can confirm that a second profile will always receive a copy of the first profile’s world, but although I cannot confirm, I believe you are correct that the wife had left me signed in while playing, causing her world not to save changes. marking as solved, thanks.

Unmarked as solved as the issue has happened again, this time profiles have never been signed into the game together. I suspect the issue is caused by activating admin mode. I activated admin mode on the second profile then when entering the game with profile 1 the world has been reset to the second profiles world loosing any progress in the first profiles world. all the first profiles milestones and inventory are also reset to the state they were when the second profile origonally created the world.

Okay, could try a rather drastic move, delete the save game data (everywhere choice) from manage games and apps for one profile, this will clean slate the world on the chosen profile. Load up Conan again, create a new custom server and make sure you’re entering it in SP instead of Co-Op. Any leveling progress can be regained via admin. Then admin teleport to the original build site, there should be no player built structures on the new save.

Ye, I’ve tried that also, even offline to ensure that cloud saves were not interfering, but regardless which profile creates a world second will receive a duplicate of an existing profiles world then whichever world activates admin mode (seems to) take the priority and becomes the dominant world and erasing the other world. Perhaps the game is caching the world data but not clearing correctly when loading another under certain circumstances. I have yet to test what happens with a third profile but I assume they will receive a duplicate of the last loaded world and then all worlds would be at the mercy of whomever activates admin mode.

Have you got access to a second xbox? Friend, relative or whatnot. If you do, try the completely new save on their console, if the issue replicates on the console, you’ll know it’s a game issue, if it plays as intended on the second console, it’ll most likely be an issue with your xbox.