Multiple waterskins

Can someone clue me in on how/whether multiple waterskins work? I was expecting that to extend my roaming time away from water I could fill and consume multiple skins, but having made two of them it seems like when I fill one both are filled, and when I have consumed one both are empty, and I can’t quite tell if they last longer to compensate or whatever.

Note that the game will not switch from an empty waterskin to a full one for you (which is what it sounds like you were expecting). Each waterskin is filled and consumed separately.

To fill them, add them all to your hotbar, then use each of them at a water source until they all show a full bar. Afterwards, you can return them to your character’s inventory.

To use them, you can either keep one on a hotkey slot and use it until empty, or open you inventory, select one and the press the Use key on it.


Ok, thanks I will give this a try. What I did last night was to take them from inventory one at a time, drop them on the quickbar and fill them. What I saw was that I filled skin #1 and returned it to inventory, grabbed skin #2 to the quickbar and it showed as full already. Then when I consumed one of the skins and swapped it out for the other it also showed empty… which makes sense if the quickbar was not showing the empty/full status correctly when I first swapped out the skins. The second one actually remained empty though I thought it was full. I’ll try placing them both in separate quickbar slots.

You could also go get the deep drink water skin it supplies 13 drinks where the standard on supplies 10.

Additionally there is a new one being added, but it’s currently only in testlive. It supplies 17 drinks. Can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head.

Video has info on the deep drink water skin location.


You beat me to it Wak. I was just telling another member about this yesterday. There are more details in this thread too @Markbnj.


I hope they dont add a legendary water skin. I like to collect them its like collecting my enemies dog tags haha


Guide to getting the new one is uploading to my channel as I write this post…


I killed this guy more than two dozen time, I love Donkey Kong pet, and never saw the DeepWater Skin. How much rare is its drop rate ? Or I’m just cursed like for the drop of legendary weapons, tools from bosses…

It’s low but not super low. Probably just unlucky. I think I have 3 - 4 out of the 20 or so times I farmed him.

I got one of these waterskins after 12 kills.
But two of the spears during the same time

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Did you delete that video or where did you hide it :smiley:

And the sealed waterskin only shows 10 durability ingame for me…

Haven’t uploaded it yet. Soon. I feel like I’m drowning people in testlive stuff right now. :wink:

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My body is my temple, therefore I only drink purified water.

Purified water;
Stack 50, Weight 5, Thirst Quenched 50.
Full stack will quench 2500 thirst.

Weight 1.12, Thirst Quenched:25, Uses:10

So you need 10 water skins, at 11.2 total weight to equate to a stack of purified water.

Not sure how many people are aware of this. After slaughtering hundreds of exiles over the years, I have rarely seen anyone with purified water in their inventory.

Remember, Stay Hydrated!:sunglasses:


I think because the purified water is needed for a key pvp drink and heals, herbal tea and aloe soup. Mots people use it in those aspects, and thus just use the water skin because carrying 2 or 3 is easier to justify, than carrying even half a stack of purified water that with just aloe and plant fiber or ferrel flesh and salt gives a great buff and heal factor. But you are correct, in that purified water is more effecient.


Yes I agree, it’s definitely more of an ‘end-game’ option. Good for volcano raids e.t.c.

I can refill waterskins for all eternity… I always have 4 normal in the inventory, for longer farming runs (in UC or other places without watersource).

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Forgot that major reason lol.
Purified water is finite in your inventory, the water skin can be refilled infinitely.

Also when you use either aloe soup or haunch + tea combo, your thirst gets quenched alot anyway… No need to run around with 50stack of purfiied water :smiley:

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I just carry purified water and fish sticks to be honest. Purified water isnt heavy at all. Often I’ll just keep it on my thrall because he wont drink it. So for hourly excursions in the unnamed city I put 2 stacks on them to be safe. Aloe soup and other stuff she will consume.

So its safe.

That’s just my protip to avoid carrying waterskins.


Yes that’s true. As long as you have a water source to do so.
When farming Warmakers Sanctuary for example, I simply can not carry enough waterskins. Nor do I want to keep running outside.
As Hexsing said you can put 2 stacks in a thrall, carry one yourself, and you’re good for several hours. The equivalent in waterskins would take 30 slots.
Since the nerf I was wondering what to do with all my Bearers. I am now going to start using them as giant waterskins. Thanks for the tip. :rofl::rofl: