Water skins need attention

A few things on water skins: I know a legendary or endless water skin has been suggested before, and I think that’s a great idea. However, if that’s not in the game plan because it breaks immersion, then maybe just a ‘tier 2’ skin, something that is at least better than the one we have now. As it stands, I’m running unnamed city with at least 5-6 skins on me, and would like to stop having to consistently replace skins out of my inventory wheel.

Which brings me to point 2. It would be nice to be able to swap out skins. There is something buggy about how they work now, where it will say the water skins can’t be moved when you try to put a new one in. Right now, I have to take the skin out of my inventory, leave a spot open, and then place a new bag into my wheel.

There is a slightly better version of the Sealed Waterskin available Sodas, the ‘Deep Drink Waterskin’. It is a rare drop by Valis the Loyal in Hanuman’s Grotto, at coordinates H,3 in the River biome. If memory serves me correctly, it holds 13 units of water as opposed to the usual 10 units. However, the trade off is that it weights almost twice as much as a regular Waterskin, 2.00 as opposed to 1.12 for the Sealed Waterskin.

yea that is a weird bug, i sometimes also experience it when i remove bracelet,then upon respawn an item is moved/doubled in my hotbar. same workaround applies.

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