Legendary Water & Wine skins

Please make legendary water & wine skins that never go empty or maybe slowly refill if you don’t accidentally empty them all the way.

Would be a great QoL feature for end game players. TY for this awesome game!


That’s a neat idea. Maybe the decay timer on it is reversed, so as it “decays” it refills with that timer.

Sorry, but no. Conan Exiles is a survival sandbox game, anything that lowers the survival aspect of the game regardless of level is a something that should be avoided.


in principal i agree with this, but food and water barely factor into anything end game.

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What part of the game is survival after level 60 when you are farming legendarily? There is a difference between surviving and thriving. Survival is 1-30 and then its gets progressively simplistic. Come level 60 you want for nothing and play to build or pvp only with no care in the world about water or food. A water bag wouldnt change this at all.

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And there is the problem… the survival aspect should be present even at level 60. That it’s missing from the post level 30 game (it’s not just endgame) is a huge problem.

Food and water should always play an important part, as should environmental dangers like the sandstorm. So instead of needing some refilling waterskin to make things even easier, we need a greater focus on actual survival mechanics.

Honestly I feel like this game goes easy enough on us already as far as water goes.

In Ark at least, your starting waterskin (that you have to unlock the recipe for) leaks over time and will eventually empty itself, and the goal is to make something that neither leaks nor weighs too much. Meanwhile this game just gives you a skin that never leaks and doesn’t weigh too much right as you start out? I don’t know about you but that seems like a pretty sweet deal to me.

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we should at least get a larger waterskin then… just my opinion… but perhaps legendary waterskins could give certain buffs like healing or stamina regen when drank from.

That would be ok.

I’d love to see our starter waterskin made weaker, so that there would be an actual need to craft a better one.

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I could see the following:

Large Waterskin - 50% more water than a normal waterskin

Fine Waterskin - same amount of water as a normal waterskin, however this bag is also filled with stuff that mingles with the water to give a healing regen. Like certain plant leaves or the like.

But an infinite waterskin is just too much. I can agree, survival isn’t that hard in the later game. But when you are that experienced, you can’t expect it to be difficult to obtain water or food.

I look on the end-game as being the time when you know perfectly how to find water and food and so it becomes easy to survive. Not harsh.

It’s a shame a survival progression system couldn’t be in place. Where when you start out, you have a rough time surviving and as you level into it, it becomes easier.

So at the start of a game, you might have a chance to get sick from drinking water, since you don’t know any better about purifying it or making sure it’s clean. And you have to settle for eating bugs.

And as your skill progresses, you learn how to harvest food from bushes, then small animals, then larger animals. Learning how to butcher the meat properly to get the best pieces. Whereas at the start, just hacking into it gets you low quality meat.

Then it translates into cooking and processing the food, making it into something better, more nourishing, tasting better, more filling, etc.

You could also add in collecting hides and skin, getting rough or poor pieces at the start, then later learning how to properly skin the animal, and to process the hide, so you get higher quality furs and hides for crafting.

But centered more around a system that levels as you practice using it. Rather than just getting a feat purchase and automatically knowing the best way.

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just make us stop drink the sulfur lake already ! xD

Or maybe add a server setting to enable slow refill
of skins instead of the need to dump them into a water source.

Since the engine is what it is, this way we at least get to emulate the “hidden hand” of the environment in a way and more specifically a behaviour pattern of what the thralls could be doing behind the scenes when we are not looking.

The most immersive way would be to code thralls to actually be able to refill skins when appointed to the task (albeit a heavier one to code).

Sounds sort of like the way a Water Well does.

I’m not sure how it would work in terms of performance though. If the system had to constantly check water skins and keep topping them up. It could be heavier than what is in place now with water wells.

A less intensive way might be some sort of new skin that the player can activate when empty. To trigger a collection of water manually, without a major water source nearby the way the normal skin triggers now.

But at a reduced amount. Like this skin only got 20% of what a normal one holds.

Another method could be a skin that refills itself at night. When you have moisture in the air, as a means of condensation.

I don’t use Water Well so I don’t know. My cottage resides on an island surrounded by water so I don’t need it.

Same way the Thrall Pot works, but with water and skins?

Easiest one would be to code a skin that is always full. Could provide the same benefit like any ordinary skin does, but just rewards it over time until the gauge is full.

Edit: Condensation takes ages and at a warm enough desert it’s more like a futile attempt, but the same idea could be useful with a current that has more force.

A thrall pot doesn’t auto-fill. You dump food into it, and the thralls in a nearby radius withdraw food from it, if their inventory of food is empty.

The well is a more apt likeness. You essentially place it, and literally you can see it fill with water. And as you use it for skins you can see it drain down.

It’d be nice if they coded in a method to get water from cacti. I know certain ones are supposed to be full of water and often used to survive in a desert. So maybe a small tool that could tap a cacti and it automatically applies the water into an empty skin in your inventory.

Which would help in the desert areas mostly. You could also put in a new plant type. I have read in some fantasy book at a point, of a plant with long roots that lie just under the sand.

At night they come up out of it and draw moisture, leaving the roots filled with water. You harvest the roots with the tap and they could do the same.

On the subject of water, I’d like to see a rain barrel using the water well mechanic for places in the highlands. We have one hooked to a gutter that runs maybe 10 feet along the roof of our garage. And that barrel gets full insanely fast even in a light rain.

However the pot does provide food automatically for the deficiency as long as it has food in it and the thralls are within reach. <- my point

I take it that the wells work everywhere for convenience’s sake and to circumvent hardware issues? Or do they need an actual underground water source to function.

I haven’t heard of such cacti to exist, if I remember correctly. I’ve only heard that you could get liquid or something similar out of some, but it is poison enough to irritate our stomachs to a degree. Or was it the meat of the plant… Anyone with more info than my grain is welcome to fill our skins. :joy:

Edit: Don’t know enough about the plant you described. However, I do like rain barrels… and actual rain.

Wells work everywhere, as far as I know.

According to looking online, here are ways to get water in a desert.

North-facing canyons can have snowmelt or rainfall that doesn’t evaporate
Broadleaf trees like cottonwoods/willow/aspens have water nearby, this is in places like the Mojave

Anyways, we are in a fantasy game, so we could skate by easily enough using cacti as a water source, regardless of the realism. Since in most cases, you are getting water from pools or slow moving rivers, without really purifying it.

So the water we drink is probably filled with bacteria and other unpleasant things anyways.

I prefer that features are rooted to realism even though the design style isn’t realistic; not because I don’t like imagination or to imagine how things work, but because imagination is often abused to stretch gameplay beyond its healthy lifespan making the gameplay suffer from all kinds of symptoms. This game is sadly not an exception (albeit a minor unit in the stretching scale), but at least we have the admin panel to circumvent these type of issues in ways.

Hypotethically any location that is able enough to withstand drought spreading variables is a likely place to have some source of nourishment; both cool and warm liquid to a degree, with differences to how firm their structure is and how they feel as you consume them.

Actually realism does provide enough leeway here. Since you brought up the unfiltered water and because the game has food related poisoning in it, it all seems to come to the design of the characters themselves and how their bodies react to the water versus meat for example. The water may have and should have micro-organisms in it, but how potent they are in relation to those residing in the characters versus what resides in the meat.

It’s best for us as players and customers to rely on realism since it helps to weed out bad, unhealthy, predatorian practises protruded by the goodwilled industry. Not speaking about design style, that is. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the graphics are cartoonish, looney, anime or whatever mixture we end up with. As long as we can utilise deduction, imagination and probabilities, I think we are good. Besides, realism doesn’t really cut anything away from us. It just fills in the blind spots.

True. But you gotta keep in mind, the Conan universe does have fantastical elements in it. The dragons, undead, and other non-realistic beasts you can encounter.

So utilizing cacti in an area that doesn’t have other natural water sources is fudging realism a bit, but it’s a mild one at best.

They are fantastical to some. To me they are within reach of biology, physics and… well, the cauldron of cosmos pretty much. Not in every way, but fitting enough ways to keep immersion intact (and my sanity). The undead are probably the most difficult to explain, but not impossible.

Let’s say that it’s not necessarily water we need to focus on. We could go one step further and talk about some form of liquid instead. Maybe jelly in extreme cases.

Edit: Oh, I almost forgot. The main point of realism is to make sure a game feeds from its own rules. If they don’t, they fall apart faster. Premise and any deviations that go on top need to be sound so we can follow it thorough. Any stuttering suggests that there are at least some grey areas in play and that their nature needs to be investigated.

“Science is known magic while magic is yet unknown science.”