No waterskin anymore at the start of a new character?

So I created a new char, it’s been a long time since I tried this.

I see now there is some crashed cart at the start, chest with roasted haunch, but do we no longer find the waterskin with a sad letter? Then I believe there was another message near dead dude with a demon bat? I went back and forth along the road 3 times checking every rock - no waterskin, no message.

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If this one recalls, the water skin is part of one of the early achiev- er, journey steps.
It magically appears in your inventory, delivered by the ghosts of the Khari, as part of the Survival Kit you get after completing Survival Shelter journey.


Aside from the stuff given to you from the Journey steps, I have also picked up the waterskin and note, as well as the journal by the bat demon. If you didn’t just miss them, maybe they’re not at every start location.

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Or maybe another newbie picked them up and they haven’t respawned yet.

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Well done :metal:.
You actually start with 2 water skins not just one on exile lands.
You get the one from the rock and the letter and the other at the time you open the chest to gain the food. You don’t see collecting it but you do.
(or maybe it’s the case @LostBrythunian said, i am not quite sure. All i lnow when i reach the river to fill my water skin i have 2).

It was our firsr leather journal, we still take this yes.

Either it’s bugged for you either someone else spawned just before you and took them like @CodeMage said. I don’t know exactly how this mechanic works, but i can assure you that all the old things are still there and as you saw we have new ones :wink:.


Great, thanks for the answers, I’ll have a look again later today.

Just pick up some branches and stones and trim a few hedges to make some twine, craft a stone sword and skinning knife and then look around for the nearest unconscious player, kill them, skin them, craft a water skin :man_shrugging:

You should also get the journey step for slaying an enemy this way :grin:


Sounds like the funniest plan so far :rofl:

It’s still there, it’s just located near the wagons. Specifically, right next to the lone impaled corpse on the left at the first wagon that comes into view from the starting area

@Noqturn its also very amusing in its own way coz u won’t ever know who that player was but they will know you :joy:

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It’s been bugged since Early Access and reported many times: if your spawn point does not generate a waterskin, move east or west to the other spawns and it will be there.


Can confirm. I started two different servers in the past couple weeks. I was confused at first, then realized the second was a journey.

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On ps4/5 everyone has a waterskin that I saw. One of them is not near its start point like others. Most of them you start a few feet from Gaint Stone, and note/waterskin is in sight down path.

One of them (always forget which) the stone is off down path abit, and easly missed since your often on full sprint at that point.

I find #1 and #6 most common spawn spots, so rarely catch it…


Thanks for the info, myself I don’t have time to browse this forum too much and track everything, but I’m setting up a new server and while testing new char I could not find a waterskin, this is why I was surprised. They remade it and there is no info about it, and also as you mentioned it’s bugged.

Why do they touch things that worked good for years and break them? It’s beyond me.




I started a new server the other night and started with a waterskin in my inventory. What’s the problem? This is so important, cry more.

:joy:my main is suspended for some reason so I used one of the alt accounts, my sons I think, and first thing I did when I spawned in desert….ran to every desert spawn (6) and took all the haunch and water skins :rofl:

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