Lost waterskin... What do I do?

Hello. I had three waterskins, and I lost them. I am new to the game. I died and could not find my body. Can you craft waterskins? I can’t find a way to craft one. Drinking water from a glass flask doesn’t quench thirst. This really limits any type of exploration in the game. Am I just screwed? Is this by design, or is it a bug? Thank you.

You should be able craft one via 5 hide and 5 twine.(lv1 starter feat that included bed rolls etc you start with)) If for some odd reason its missing, you can run back out to starter areas, Each of start points will have one.


Thank you. I’m not sure what happened, but I was finally able to find the crafting skill in my weapons section of the inventory crafting menu. I’m wondering if the server host fixed something. I actually made waterskins!


Also, I you’re a new player and you can make a campfire, you can put seeds and plant fiber in the campfire. Gruel will fill both your water and food.

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