Is there something different about waterskins?

So I was thirsty (in game) and drank from the waterskin. It did nearly nothing! I figured, “maybe it’s a glitch” so I kept playing, quit, started again the next day and the same thing happened! I asked my clansmen what’s up, and they said they have the same issue!

Is this on purpose or a mistake? Or maybe just our server?

Does your server have mods? Was there maybe some distinct event after which you noticed this, like game patch or (if) mod patch?

Only time i ran across this is when a server has the reduced thirst/hunger setting. You drink from a waterskin and it doesnt do jack.

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I set thirst all to zero. Its just tedious to make your character drink. They dont have to take a leak, so why make them drink…

It’s a survival game, if you don’t eat/drink you die, and if you don’t have water with you and end up in an area that doesn’t have water you are in trouble, but to each his own I guess. Did you set damage taken to 0 as well? I mean, your heart doesn’t beat so why lose blood?

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Do you sleep? Do you have to take a dump? Water intake has no gameplay effect EXCEPT if you dont drink you die. Its just a sidetrack. Food at least heals.

My character goes to sleep every time I log off. And what he does in the bathroom is none of your business.

Do you breathe? No, but poison gas still affects you. Or did you turn that one off as well. Eating and drinking are part of the survival aspect, food and water are resources you need to keep up with to avoid death, much like HP are something you need to avoid losing in order to avoid death.

And last I checked water cools you off, but maybe you turned temperature effects off as well so you forgot.

No I havent turned off temp but I have literally never said to myself “boy, I hope they have a good thirst mechanic” about any game whatsoever. Realism is only interesting if it has an important gameplay mechanic attached. Otherwise we have to cut our hair, shave our armpits, take aspirin for random headaches, eventually contract cancer… it goes on and on. If I want to manage my characters basic body needs, I’ll play the Sims; just because other survival games make you drink doesnt make it interesting or necessary. Its actually completely unimaginative and boring.

If I want a thirst mechanic, I’ll just put a glass of water next to me while I play and consider it augmented reality.

Thanks, that’s the ticket! The server I’m on now has everything turned down until the pvp weekends.

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Hey man, you do you, turn off any game mechanics that you don’t like, no skin off my back. Just may want to not tell people who live in the real (official) world that things work fine when they are playing the game the way it’s meant to be played. All I’m saying.

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At 4x xp? Yeah, life is hard.

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