Water consumption still to high

Standing around doing nothing you will consume water quickly, fighting running it is about the same thing. You can die of thirst on siptah after say 15 mins of just standing around.
Seems to be way to high even with a high survival rate its still too fast seems like your in a desert


It’s fine. There’s water everywhere on both maps. If you go idle when sheltered your water consumption rate drops tremendously.

It doesn’t really drop when you go Idle, I went afk for like 30 minutes before came back I was dead, and I think I died a few other times after that. None the less my going AFK costed me everything I had because there was no Body with my Loot on it, and this was at my base near my bed I went afk.

Happened Twice to me, So I agree with this thread, water consumes way to Fast (When Idle)
I’ve Learned if I go Afk at all, just logout.

…uh, you are in a desert. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, a lot of us are anyway.

In any case, this is a big part of what makes survival games survival games and not just standard RPGs. The environment itself will kill you if you don’t pay attention. Not just whatever NPCs are in the game. In many respects, it is the purest form of PvE there is. 15-30 minutes real time is a long time in a game. Any game.

Nah On Exiled when Idle Water/Food Consumption Seemed way less. And Siptah isn’t a Desert so what do you mean by that? He said it seems like you’re in a desert the way it consumes so fast when you are not.


NO it doesnt i have monitored it there is something off.

Ive played many survival games whats the point of your message i am stating a fact that siptah water consumption rate is a bit off.

Ive posted 2 posts about it, either its bugged or they adjusted it since they where so “kind” to give us the waterskin perk. aka useless perk since this bug.

Btw i watched my UI water bar and it dropped, but when i looked in the stats page it said still 100/100

So maybe there is just a visual bug?. idk

In the or near the maelstrom i think it is intended for it to be high.

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Visual bug yes been here for a bit take water or any drink it will display correctly

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