Thirst and hunger not decrease

Game mode: [ Single-player ]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

Thirst and hunger doesn’t decrease and stack at 100.
I can’t describe when this started.
Fewdays ago, it’s normal.
Today, it’s stops working. So i don’t need to eat food or drink water.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. (etc)
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Go into your settings. In single player they sometimes change after logging out. Default for hunger and thirst is 1.0 increase number to decrease the time it takes to get hunger and thirst. Decrease number to increase time .if that doesn’t work set everything back to default and then change your settings to where you want them. Good luck :+1: @kei0221

Thanks for the info!
But unfortunately, doesn’t solve the problem…

I tried to reset server setting completely so deleted user setting file,
increase to max thirst and hunger multiplier.
Still no luck. :cry:

It happened only on Siptah save data.
Exiled land save data is intact.

You could send a ticket to Zendesk… Introductory page will tell you how and I’ll bump @Community . Have not played off line in awhile myself. My wife does but she turns that off anyways cause all she does off line is build.

Hmm,the game is still playable.(Reduced QoL, though…)
I hope for future patch will fix that.
Thanks anyway!

Could you be in god mode?

You’ve listed yourself as being single-player.

Make yourself admin, open the admin panel and see it the box to the right of “god mode” is ticked.

Thank you!

Not in god mode,but from hinted that, check on and off “eating” few times.
Thirst and hunger comes to me.
Now I’m starving!

Thank you guys!

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