Hunger and Thirst Bugged :(

Game mode: Online official | Online private | Single-player | Co-op
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: Pve
Region: America
Mods?: Yes then No
Edition: Steam
Bug Description:
Thirst and Hunger bugged stuck at 100% :frowning:
Does anybody know how to fix the hunger and thirst bug? Ive tried reinstalling, verifying files, uninstalling mods and checking, everything has been working fine for a whole week on my single player game. I purchased a server and and %100 copied all mods and server settings to that server to making it a copy of my single player. When I logged in and started playing my hunger and thirst were stuck on max. When i switched over to single player after 4 hours trying to figure it out on the private server ,my single player save is now bugged all I did was load the save no setting or mods were changed. idk what could have happened? Just tried official servers still a issue. Ive turned off steam cloud and unsubscribed from all mods. Uninstalled game and deleted any left over files. Reinstalled with NO MODS and no save game. Made a new character, once I drank the water skin my thirst is stuck at 100%. Everything is fine until i drink or eat to 100 which is inevitable. This is a huge game breaker for me :frowning:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Make character
  2. Watch food and thirst go down like normal
  3. Drink water skin to full thirst
  4. Thirst now stuck at %100

Yes, ive reinstalled fresh and never touched the admin panel. I did before but all those files are gone. I deleted everything that was conan on my system. Steam cloud is off, no mods and i just started new single player and it immediately stops working.

So after a few hours playing my thirst and hunger start going down exactly 10min after they hit 100. Not sure what thats about. If anyone knows why it takes 10min before it even starts going down? Like its stuck at 100 for 10min and then slowly goes down like normal

You get a bonus for keeping them at 100, so yes, staying at 100 for ten minutes is intended.

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Probably gas at first. Maybe lay off those spiced steaks and bug kabob appetizers? Just sayin…

My setting stay from new game to next game so you should check your setting even if you did not change them this game.

how certain are you that the bonus for full food is supposed to be 10 minutes? is that you just guessing? or stated somewhere that can be linked/referenced? Because I’ve been frustrated by the exact same issue, and if it’s really a whole 10 minutes of full thirst/food, I suppose I can live with that, but it’s very counter to my previous gameplay runthroughs from 2.4 and before

I never looked it up in the DevKit, but I believe I timed it with a stopwatch once, but it wasn’t recently.

So I cannot say I am completely confident, but I am relatively confident.

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