Thirst and hunger bug

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: eu
Mods?: Yes…Happens without also
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Thirst and hunger stuck at 100. It has been years and this still hasn’t been fixed. I stopped playing years ago because of this bug and just came back to it and it is still happening.

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. eat
  2. drink
  3. stuck at 100

Please fix this Funcom. Have had this game for years ever since it came out and this bug has been present since day 1. Forget adding more dlcs and fix the game you already selling people. Had this game years and would like to be able to play it without bug breaking the core survival aspect.

It’s not a bug. They stay at 100 for ten minutes because you get a 5% bonus to your max life (hunger) and stamina (thirst) as long as they are full.

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