Thirst not diminishing after filling to 100%

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: Yes & No (noticed with them, unsubscribed/reinstalled game, bug still present)
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

When playing a game and filling the thirst bar to 100%, the meter will stay at 100% forever ruining the survival aspect of the game.

I note this has been a widely reported bug over the past 4/5 years but there is no obvious fix reported by anyone.

Installed Mods:

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RA: Character Customisation

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Start a new game
  2. Obtain waterskin from the rock
  3. Drink
  4. Watch as the thirst icon remains at 100% forever

— I have tried experimenting with the admin panel to increase the thirst rate and this doesn’t change anything. I’ve also ensured that “eating” is on.

The weird thing is that I’ve been playing for a few days and didn’t notice this before today; whether it’s only just started or not I’m unsure.

The thirst (and food) meter stays at 100% for ten minutes before it starts going down. This is intended as you get a bonus to your max stamina (or health for food) during this time.

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Tried just and it doesn’t work, thirst is forever stuck on 100% even after 15 minutes of play… :frowning:

Another possible mechanic you might be experiencing is that thirst/hunger rate gets a significant reduction while you are within your land claim.

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