Water lasts similar to reality

I suggest that thirst only kills the player at the same time in real life, that is, in seven days. Why it looks nicer if it looks more real.

I don’t know the circumstances you are playing under.

But Sever set up has a setting for this.
In single player you need to set this before you make a character, or there are workarounds for PC users.

Private servers can make this adjustment also, but it would need to be done by an Admin.
If you shop around you may find a server that matches your tastes.

Good hunting :smiley:

Also we don’t live 7 days in a volcano without water. And after three days, even in great weather, we are suffering. I could understand it being a little more forgiving… but they have made options for water to be easier to deal with. (A stack of 50 purified water) for an example, lasts a very long time. Or farm one of those larger Boda Bags (Or carry two or three of them). (OR Cook foods that also provide liquid.

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It’s not just living in a volcano either. You’re also running around, digging up rocks, fighting, chopping down trees, etc. If you’re not doing any of that, well first of all, what are you doing? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Second, if you’re not doing anything then you’re probably standing next to a water source of some sort like a well or a stream or something. If not, get moving. I mean, seriously, why are you just standing in the middle of the desert for days on end doing nothing? That only makes sense if that’s what the magic conch shell told you to do.

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